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The Story Behind The Story Telling

Do you remember a time when you needed that perfect top to go with your favorite jeans for the weekend concert? Or the time you were invited to a wedding last minute and had to frantically search for the right outfit to impress your crush? You went to every mall, every shopping outlet, you even found yourself desperately searching online for the exact apparel you envisioned yourself wearing in your head. There was indeed an “okay” shirt you placed in the shopping cart but the shipping dates didn’t meet your timeframe needs. Of course to your luck, there is no prevail and you run out of time. So what happens? You end up digging in your closet throwing out every store tagged shirt you owned for the past 3 years but never worn. Then to your disgression, I mean distress, you end up re-wearing an overused top you threw on the chair in your room that was carefully preserved in slightly worn condition for the last 2 weeks. Sound familiar?

Remember that feeling of excitement that turned into desperation and despair? Yeah, so do we. It is an all too familiar feeling of needing something and wanting something that you have no control over. BUT, who says you have no control? Why can’t I have that perfect top with the right color and the perfect saying? This was that ah-ha moment that had my husband and I brainstorm the perfect solution. We CAN, and we WILL. 

We both come from small beautiful islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I’m from Guam and he’s from American Samoa. We met in the west coast and began to realize how much our cultures have in common. Fast forward 12 years later, here we are with our blended family and two handsome little fellas with a business venture that we could only have dreamed of. 

Throughout our relationship there were many many common grounds that we shared in regards to our humble upbringing. We both had the same moral and values of family and God. Respecting our elders, working hard to earn every cent, then turning around and giving that cent to someone in need. We both had this heart of gold that always wanted to help others, that humble humility of putting others before ourselves. I know other Pacific Islanders can relate. 

Although we shared these similarities, one thing surely divided us apart. We were at a friend’s barbeque and distinctly noticed Samoans wearing Tatau branded t-shirts, Chamorros wearing I love Guam logos, and Hawaiians wearing shirts saying Hawaii Life. Don’t get me wrong, we are all good friends and were enjoying eachothers company but these branded shirts were enabling this segregation. We quickly noticed there wasn’t a brand out there that catered to all the Islands of the Pacific. 

We wanted to create a unified brand that does not cater to each individual island but instead promote common grounds of our humble beginnings. We all come from an Island, we all have that humble background, why single eachother out? Especially with my heritage from Guam and my husband’s roots from American Samoa. We wanted to create a brand that we both can wear, that our children can wear, our blended family, friends, and neighbors. A brand that we can share and promote our unique cultures of the pacific and not feel that obligation to wear a name associated with our specific home. 

This is where Humble Roots Collection came to life. We designed a line that embraces the cultures of the Pacific. Beautifully crafted graphic designs that display stories of our ancestors such as the art of weaving and the sounds of the ocean through seashell horns. Each unique Island of Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia all have similar tales to tell. A collection of stories that will profoundly promote our humble culture. When you wear one of our shirts, you are actively promoting your humble roots. When someone stops and admires the design, you can share your interpretation of that story of where you come from. 

No matter where you are around the world, never forget your foundation. Embrace your heritage, your roots, your culture, and share it with the world. Be the reason your legacy lives on.


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