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A Simple Act Of Kindness

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘No act of kindness, however big or however small, is ever wasted’? There seems to be a misunderstanding regarding the concept behind it. Some may think they don’t have a lot to offer; therefore it wouldn’t be worth it to give the little they do have. When in reality, the truth of the matter is that a little can go a long way. Kindness is shown and given in many various ways. It is not all about the material things and does not always have to be monetary. It can be shown through acts of service or even small words of encouragement. These “little” things to some can bring joy and happiness and make a huge impact in one’s livelihood.
Simple Hearts Association (SHA), a registered non-profit organization on the beautiful Island of Guam is the true epitome of such example. Founder and President, Tina San Nicolas, who is a long-time resident of Guam saw the growing needs of young families within the community. Through her kindhearted spirit and determination to address this issue, she teamed up with 8 amazing individuals. Together they gather donated items and provide them to anyone in need at no charge. Their group receives and accepts donations from individuals, organizations, schools, and businesses from all over the Island. San Nicolas states they are the only organization on the Island that provides this type of service. SHA displays the true act of kindness. Recognizing this need of individuals and families who seek a helping hand and providing them with resources is just what every community needs.
We are all human. We all have good days and bad days. Some more fortunate than others and some who are content with what they have. Generations have shifted and things that were important back then aren’t necessarily relevant in today’s modern world. Things like holding the door open for the person behind you; assisting the elderly safely across the street; using kind manners such as please and thank you; or simply smiling at a stranger you make eye contact with. These small gestures which make us humane, are slowly fading away. In return the social acceptability nowadays is more of a concern on who and not what. It’s who can I be today not what can I do to help. People are more concerned about what is portrayed on social media rather than how they are contributing to society.
The point of the matter is to not let the kindness fade. Let us bring our humble gratitude back. I’m not saying to completely give up on technology and the social world. Instead use it for the good not for status. Put the phone down every once in a while. Look up and smile at someone, engage in face to face conversation rather than through text message. And, most importantly be kind. Just be kind.
If you would like to learn more about Simple Hearts Association and how to participate, please visit them on Facebook via the link below!
A big thanks to Tina San Nicolas, Founder and President of Simple Hearts Association (SHA), for allowing us to share her wonderful organization. 
Photo Credit: SHA
Thank you everyone for your support and continuing to believe in our humble mission.  Remember to Stay Grounded, Stay Humble.
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Much Alofas.

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